Introducing Ourselves


Today, Global Cities of significance all have one thing in common, a strong and vibrant, culturally diverse heart that encourages people to live, experience, participate and claim ownership of their location.

At the heart of these Cities, is a unique offering that makes them stand out from the sameness that is making so many cities bland and boring. Retail strength and events are the economic backbone of all successful global cities and large residential developments.

From international intelligence, to collaborative growth strategies, Ginnane & Associates works with State and Local Australian Governments, private investors and major retailers to develop long term plans for economic growth. The retail, fashion and services sector is now one of the largest employers in Australia.

Principal: Martin Ginnane

In addition to current knowledge of retail trends gained by participating in major global retail events, Martin brings years of experience in domestic and international retail, business development and government facilitation to every project.

As the first ever Retail Industry Specialist for the State Government of Victoria, Martin spent 17 years developing Melbourne/Victoria’s reputation as a strong and vibrant retail and fashion destination by attracting international brands to invest in the State.

Prior to this Martin held roles such as Deputy Managing Director of Downtown Duty Free and has been actively involved in delivering major promotional events including Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.